Our first Trail run of the year is upon us…

Head II Head Trail Events Co

Good evening to you all,

What an afternoon it has been for us today as all of our team have been to Hope’s Cove setting up the course for our first event of the year. The Head II Head challenge is upon us folks and we could not be more enthused by the event ahead of us.

It’s going to be such a stunning run around the South Devon coast line taking in such landmarks as Hope’s Cove, Bolberry Down and Overbecks house. We will be encompassing Bolt Head and Bolt Tail as our Head to Head event takes place along the captivating cliff tops and you will stop in your tracks and be stunned with every step you take along the trail.

With this new location of East Soar Farm and Outdoor Activities Centre, this is most certainly the event to have set in your diary! And a lovely little added joy is that the first twenty five men and the first twenty five women that cross the line will receive a locally brewed Bolt Head beer from Summerskills Brewery! With the distance being approximately 22KM/ 13 Miles this is a Trail running event not to miss. We are starting our Trail running season strong and shall embrace the epic challenges ahead of us.

This is quite a moment for us and one we are really happy to be sharing and welcoming so many fellow trail runners to come along and endure the epic challenges ahead of us all. Today whilst we laid out the course, we looked out and felt grateful for the views and adventures ahead of us. It was a scorcher of a day today and tomorrow we are set for another great day of weather with the temperature being a mild 16 degrees with beautiful sunshine and a few clouds to keep you all cool out there. 

We have had a fantastic week this week. It has had it’s challenges and it has been tough at times but that’s what spurs us on and makes us realise what we are doing is totally worth the mountain climb in getting there. With it being the lead up to our first event of the year, it’s been a  rugged climb to the top to make sure everything is ready for our event tomorrow. All hands have been on deck and even Monty has been helping us with kits, refreshments and general tasks for the challenging day ahead. 

We really are looking forward to seeing nostalgic faces and new faces too. It’s going to be incredibly awesome for us seeing our community of runners grow and our quests ahead be focused on with determined souls much like ourselves. Let’s all get ourselves outdoors for the trials and trails ahead. 

If you haven’t already registered to join us, we have 18 places available so you can still come along and enter! It’s going to be a tough trail run and one you won’t forget. We will be making memories from an abundance of epic moments together along the south coast of Devon. The scenes are something special here and fellow runners as well as our Trail Event Co team and volunteers will be here to support you and challenge you tomorrow! 

Keep on adventuring and we’ll see you tomorrow bright and early for the our first Head II Head Trail Running event of the year to make it’s mark.

Everyone at Trail Events Co.