COVID-19 safety for our events

Despite further restrictions being brought in by Goverments sporting events seem likely to continue to be allowed to go ahead this year. Our Dartmoor event was a success in terms of COVID19 safety, and we want to reassure you all that we will do everything we can to keep everyone safe at our events. Here are some of the things in place:

There will be no face to face briefing. Instead you will receive the briefing in the email that is sent just before the event so please do make sure you read this. Please also ensure your email is up to date on the system you used to sign up with (along with your address and emergency contact).

We plan to send bibs to you so please ensure your address is correct on the system you signed up to. You can check this and edit it yourself on Race Nation and SIEntries.

The events will have a start window for each distance, rather than there being a mass start. This means once you have your bib on, you can start as long as you start in the correct time slot e.g. from 6.30-7.15am for the ultra.

Regarding checkpoints, we have taken advice from Run Britain and there will not be any checkpoints for the 10/12/14k or half marathon distances. Runners are asked to be self sufficient and to bring hand sanitiser. There will still be checkpoints for the longer runs, and volunteers/staff will use gloves and tongs to give you the refreshments you want.

Medals will be collected by you after crossing the finish line, rather than us handing them to you.

Please also see our previous blog posts for further protocols to ensure we all keep as safe as possible during this unprecedented time.