We are back and buzzing from the Beacons!

Trail Events Co

Hello folks, 

What a weekend! What an event! How are we all after such a charismatically challenging trail running event?

It’s been one pandemonium turn of phenomenal events these past few week for our team here at Trail Events for we embarked on road to the Beacons to lay down the course for our event early last week and it’s been non stop since then. The adrenaline throughout the whole team has been pumping! 

Last Sunday was an absolute wonder of a day up in the misty mountains of South Wales. How incredible was it to see so many fellow trail runners and adrenaline enthusiasts out on the trail for our Brecon Beacons event. Everyone was so raring and ready to go. It just made us realise how awesome this all is! 

The day started quite cloudy up in the mountains of South Wales tucked away in Talybont. There was a few rain showers and a few rather strong winds too yet as the end of the course approached we had the greenest fields and the bluest skies and oceans so we were pretty happy with such a lead up and finale.Everyone who came along were so fantastic. Full of beans and only too willing to truly challenge themselves and have a brilliant time whilst doing so so thanks for joining us guys and dolls! 

It felt incredible to see hundreds of people come along and over flow with enthusiasm and heart for the challenges ahead. What an achievement you all made on that day! We are now home from the Beacons and feeling both exhausted and extremely ecstatic about the turn out! The sun made an appearance and the whole event was epic!

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone involved. It was so great to see old faces and an abundance of new ones. We look forward to seeing you all again next year. and for all of you wanting to find out your times- they are all live on our site so go see how you all did. Everyone was awesome!

Have a great week folks!

Trail Events Co.