Make way for the Beacons…

Tales of trail running are brewing up in the Brecon Beacons this week as we set off on Wednesday  for an almighty road trip up to the majestic mountains. The trailer packed and we are off.
 We made our way up from south Devon to South Wales to lay down our stunning and equally challenging course for this Sunday’s trail running event. It’s been a busy week making sure every thing was packed, ready and set in motion to ensure that come this Sunday, everything and everyone are ready to embark on this incredibly stunning yet brilliantly challenging trail run taking in the Pen y Fan peak along with others in the range.
Remember folks who are joining us on the day to check your kit list and make sure you’re ready for the body endurance trials when you get to the mountains. We’re set for 13 degrees with scattered showers so be sure to pack your waterproofs and wanderlust spirits for we have quite an adventure on the horizon.
We just wanted to also say a huge thank you to all involved in this event and to all who are coming along on the day. We love nothing more than to be able to bring our visions to life through stunning scenery and outdoor activities focusing on trail running.
Rest up, eat up and get ready for a day of exploring surreal mountainous views whilst embarking on adrenaline filled challenges ahead.
Have yourselves one brilliantly adventurous weekend and for all who are joining us this Sunday, we look forward to seeing you in the Brecons!
Trail Events Co.