Another scorcher of a day

Good day to all fellow adventurers,

We hope you’ve had an awesome weekend! We certainly have. What with one day it being a dramatic thunderstorm and the next day it being one of the hottest days of the year, the skies have created quite an abundance of trail running scenes for us to get out there and explore!

How is everyone who came along with us to the Brecon Beacons just over a week ago now? Crazy isn’t it how you have many weeks building up making sure everything runs smoothly then all of sudden the event is done and it’s on to planning and preparing for the next one. It’s all just go go go! And we love it!

We really do pride ourselves on the adoration we have for trail runs and our appreciation for the surroundings we have in the United Kingdom that never cease to amaze us. With such a wonderful wonderland to explore in this beautiful country, we feel it’s necessary to express our gratitude to our surrounding, our supporters and to the success that each events brings.

Now the season has kicked off, our adrenaline for our events keeps rising as does our excitement to share all our exciting turn of events with you. We are currently on the look out for any adventurous volunteers based in the South West to come along and help us on the day of the event as well as looking for sponsors to come aboard and join us on our Trail running excursions across the UK. So, if you have a definite joy for all things adventurous and trail running focused, be sure to get in touch with us and we’d really love to collaborate with like minded people.

The greatness we feel from the last event seems it’ll keep us going until June where we set off on our first trail running and sea swim event of the year so if you haven’t signed up already, don’t forget to do so.

May your week be epic and your excursions across land and sea be excellent in every way!

Take care folks.

Trail Events Co.