Onwards and upwards…

Afternoon folks and happy bank holiday weekend to you all,
It’s been another productive week with our team here at Trail Events Co. HQ To find a little peace in the pandemonium we have of course embarked on quite a few trail runs with our mighty champ, Monty. We’ve been lucky enough to catch a few stunning sunsets whilst putting our plans into practise. We went along to the course that will be laid out for our South Milton Sands events coming up this June-
The views were something else! And the route is incredible. If you’re eager for another trail running and sea swimming epic challenge then be sure to check it out and sign up if you’re up to the challenges ahead!
So, updates… exciting, exciting updates. As some of you may know SAXX UNDERWEAR are our sponsors and we feel honoured to have such a brand supporting us. They are one awesome bunch so I just wanted to tell you a little bit about what they guys do and how they have created such awesome under garments that we want and will be sharing with our fellow athletic enthusiasts.
When it comes to athletics, these guys have it all figured out. From cross training to ultra marathon running, they realised comfortable underwear was tricky to find so they decided to create their own.
Our team have been experimenting with them and can honesty say, what a difference it makes! Through hours and hours of training, running and hiking, ‘This is pants’ has a brand new meaning!!
Their performance line seems to be the best line for train running and their kinetic boxers were great for short workouts. There is quite literally no chaffing to be experienced. They’ve cracked it!
Our favourite part of the underwear is called the ballpark pounce which is, imagine like a hammock which wraps gently around ones precious parts. It’s a rather impressive design! Every part of these new found pants are pretty epic. With such comfort, affordable pricing and a great looking design they are hard not to beat and underwear we’re going to be wearing on each of our our event here on in.
For you’re own set to trial them out just go to their site and see which ones appeal to your athletic activities best –¬†https://www.saxxunderwear.com/
That’s all from us for this week folks so be sure to have a good one and keep on adventuring!
Everyone here at Trail Events Co.