Event procedures to deal with Covid-19

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Trail Events Co COVID-19 events update and policy

We are putting plans into place regarding all events in 2020 and going forward to 2021 until we are told otherwise, and policies we will have to follow in order for our events to go ahead successfully – providing the government guidelines allow us to.

Please note that the points below we are subject to change, so we will update them as and when we have new information from the appropriate authorities.

We are aware that the Welsh government are subject to different policies to that of the English government, so we will keep you updated on both policies regarding our events.

As it stands we are optimistic that all events will now be going ahead as planned – unless we are told otherwise – with the following new procedures in place:-

All numbers will be sent out to runners in the post prior to the event. Your number will contain your timing chip – If you forget your number you will not be able to take part in the event.

Pre Race Procedures

1. Race will now start in waves, not as a large group. Social distancing will apply and runners will be asked to stay 2 meters apart. This will be easily achievable at our event venues with the large spaces open to us.
You will be emailed your wave times prior to the event – which you must strictly stick to – you will not be allowed to join the next wave if you miss your time slot.
2. Mandatory Race Briefing – This will now be posted online and emailed* to all competitors in the weeks prior to the event. You must view the briefing in order to know of any changes to the course and all relevant information regarding course laying and checkpoints etc.
3. There will be no new entries on the day. With the strict timetable we will be unable to take entries on the day, so please make sure you enter in plenty of time online. Start times will be subject to change: any and all changes will be emailed* to all competitors.
4. We will not have a bag drop available until further notice.
5. Please do not attend the event if you have any signs of illness relating to possible COVID-19 i.e. high temperature, continuous cough, loss/change to sense of smell/taste.

*The emails will be sent to the email address used to sign up to the event.

During Event

1. On-Course Etiquette: All runners must be prepared to observe social distancing at all times. Runners are to slow down/stand aside to allow members of the public to pass by and or to be passed safely.
If runners are trying to pass other runners, they should call from behind “passing on the left/right” if they wish to pass. The person being passed must run/walk on the relevant side of the trail, thus allowing the widest possible distance between each other.
2. Checkpoints (CP)/feed stations (FS): These are likely to be the pinch points on the course, so please allow more time to visit a CP/FS and stay patient, remembering social distancing rules when queuing. You will no longer be able to help yourself to food and drinks, instead you will ask one of the volunteers for the products that you would like and they will place them with tongs into a sweet bag for you to take away from the station. As always no cups will be on offer, you will pass your bladder/bottle/reusable cup to the staff and they will fill it up at your request.
All staff and volunteers will be wearing face masks and gloves. Hand sanitiser will also be available at all the CPs/FSs for everyone to use on arrival at the CP/FS and before leaving the CP/FS. CPs/FSs will be wiped down and sanitised after every visit.
3. At other pinch points on the courses, such as gates and stiles, you must also observe social distancing rules, keeping to the 2 meter rule for the duration of the event. Please be patient and do not over take people at these points.
4. Runners will be asked to bring their own hand sanitiser, which they must use after using any gates or stiles – our back runners will also be wiping down all gates and stiles and any other places where runners might be placing their hands.
5. Cut off times: these will be adjusted to take into account the different wave start times and the necessary queuing at checkpoints and pinch points.

Post Event Rules

1. All medals will be handed to the runners by staff wearing the appropriate safety gear, staff will use hand sanitiser between giving out each medal.
2. Runners will be asked to clear the finish area quickly and not mix with other runners or groups apart from the ones you came with.
3. There will not be any awards presentations for the first three males/females/vets in each distance and instead these people will be asked to visit the HQ where they will be able to pick up their sanitised trophy.
4. Refreshments will be on offer from our normal caterers – You will be asked to consume and food and drinks in the open air away from the caterers.
5. Shops will be available as normal with strict numbers allowed in at any one time (two at a time).
6. Runners will be asked to make their way from the venue as quickly as possible, to aid social distancing as others finish their run.
7. No spectators at the finish line allowed.