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Fri 20 Sep 2024

Ellis Brigham Highland 200



Ellis Brigham - Fort WilliamSt Mary's HallBelford Rd Fort William Fort William PH33 6BT

Competitor Limit



202.93 KM

126.1 Miles

Total Elevation

5167.77 Meters

16955 Feet

Entry Fee


Elevation Chart

Elevation chart coming soon!



5:30 am

Start Time

6:00 am

Cut Off Time

Sun 22nd - 11:59 pm

Checkpoint information coming soon.

We have wonderfully stocked checkpoints, that include a large range of products.

One of our partners UCAN Uk supply us with our hydration and energy powders. They also supply gels and bars if that is the option you prefer.

UCAN Uk products are 100% natural and completely sugar free - You do not need sugar and the drop off when you are running. These products are healthier, far better at delivery hydration and energy and you don't get the sugar low.

They use a 'SuperStarch' which is a complex carbohydrate (derived from non-GMO corn) that uniquely stabilises blood sugar levels.


At our checkpoints you will find a good range of items such as (including vegan options):-

Water (Vegan)
Squash - Blackcurrant & Orange (Vegan)
UCAN Hydrate Electrolyte Drink Mix (Hydration) - UCAN Hydrate contains five essential electrolytes, has no sugar and zero calories, and is naturally sweetened with Stevia. (Vegan)
UCAN Flavoured SuperStarch / Livsteady Drink Mix (Energy) - Flavoured drink mix is powered by SuperStarch/ Livsteady, has no added sugar, contains added electrolytes and is gluten free. (Vegan)

UCAN Energy Bars - UCAN bars are the only bar powered by SuperStarch/ Livsteady for long-lasting energy that sustains blood sugar levels. They will keep you fuelled and feeling good. (Vegan)
UCAN edge UCAN powder pre-mixed for on the go (Gels) These gels represents a quantum leap in how athletes will fuel for sport. The first and only on-the-go training fuel powered by SuperStarch. (Vegan)

Sweets - Haribo selection
Crisps (Mostly Vegan)
Nuts (Vegan)

Bananas (Vegan)
Melon (Vegan)

Cakes & Biscuits
Cake - Swiss Roll - Strawberry, chocolate & lemon flavours
Jaffa Cakes
Chocolate Chip Cookies

New Potatoes - Salt available (Vegan)

We are trying to reduce the use of plastic so we ask runners to bring reusable cups for drinks; we do not provide cups.

We keep sanitary products at HQ and they are also available on some checkpoints.

200km Kit List

Mandatory Kit
  • Fully Charged Mobile Phone
  • Race Directors Contact Number (supplied on the day)
  • 500ml Water Carrier - Full From The Start
  • Waterproof Jacket (Taped Seams)
  • Waterproof Trousers (Taped Seams)
  • Map - To Be Printed From Our Website
  • Compass
  • Foil Blanket
  • Whistle
  • Head Torch
  • Emergency Food
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Base Layer
  • First Aid Kit
  • Reusable Cup
  • GPS Route File

Embark on an extraordinary adventure at The Highland 200, an exhilarating trail running event set against the breathtaking backdrop of Scotland’s majestic landscapes. This exceptional journey, with Trail Events Co, promises an unforgettable experience for trail running enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.
Registration is open from midday on Thursday 19th September in Ellis Brigham’s Fort Williams Store, where a guest speaker will be offering an inspirational in the evening.
Starting on Friday 20th September at 06:00, the course unfolds like a story, leading participants through the rugged terrain, ancient woodlands, and meandering paths, with the towering presence of Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest peak, standing as a constant companion throughout the journey. It’s not just a race; it’s a communion with nature, a test of endurance, and an exploration of Scotland’s wild soul.
Lace up your trail shoes and immerse yourself in the splendor of the Scottish Highlands as you traverse the East Highland Way. This remarkable 200km route, carefully curated between Ellis Brigham’s flagship stores in Fort William and Aviemore, encapsulates the essence of Scotland’s untamed beauty.
Ellis Brigham, a venerable name in Scottish outdoor pursuits, lends its iconic reputation to this event. With a strong presence in the region, Ellis Brigham brings a deep-rooted connection to the Scottish wilderness, making The East Highland Way an ode to the brand’s enduring legacy in the heart of these untamed landscapes.
As the sun sets on September 20th, the trail comes alive with the glow of headlamps, transforming the landscape into a nocturnal wonderland. The night section adds an extra layer of challenge and mystique to the event, amplifying the sense of camaraderie among participants conquering the darkness together.
This isn’t just a race; it’s a celebration of the human spirit and the untamed beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Along the route, aid stations become oases of support, offering refreshments and encouragement to keep runners fuelled and motivated. The sense of community among participants, event organisers, and the natural surroundings creates an atmosphere that transcends a typical trail running event.
As dawn breaks on September 22nd, the final stretch unfolds, culminating in Aviemore, where a triumphant finish awaits. The finish line isn’t just a marker; it’s a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who dared to take on Scottish Highlands. The sense of accomplishment is heightened as participants receive their well-deserved medals and bask in the glory of having conquered this iconic trail.
Cut Off Time is Sunday 22nd at Midnight (66Hr) 
The Highland 200 is more than a trail running event; it’s a transformative journey through Scotland’s untamed wilderness. Ellis Brigham and Trail Events Co invite you to be a part of this unparalleled experience, where every step is a testament to your strength, and every mile is a celebration of the extraordinary beauty that is the Scottish Highlands.
Checkpoints/Refuel/Sleep Stations
Information coming soon
What You Get
Amazing Bespoke Medal
Full Medical Support
GPX Tracking
Well Stocked Checkpoints
Exclusive Ellis Brigham Offers
Inspirational Evening Talk.
Trail Events Co Tech T-Shirt
Parking in Aviemore with shuttle bus from the finish to the start (Friday morning) 
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Ellis Brigham Highland 200 Trail Running Challenge

Additional Info

Number & Timing Chip

Please make a note of your registration time for the distance you selected and make sure you arrive giving yourself enough time to register.

Please also make a note of your briefing time and ensure you attend the briefing.

Bibs and timing chips are collected on the day, during the registration period. Both the number and the timing chip have to be worn at all times during the event.

Please note for events in the Lake District and Snowdonia the Ultra Marathon and Marathon runners also receive a GPS tracker as part of the entry fee.


We pride ourselves in laying brilliant and easy to follow routes. We use arrow markers that are red with white arrow to mark the direction to be taken.

We also have split markers for all routes -'Ultra Marathon Only', 'Marathon Only', 'Half Marathon Only', '10-16k Only'.

The GPX file of the route is part of your mandatory kit list. This can be download from the website and should be downloaded to your devices.

Self Navigation runs (Dartmoor 100k Only), no signage will be used. Way marks on the national pathways will show the way, your GPXS File will be your navigation tool..

What You Get

  • Trail Events Co large bespoke finishers medal
  • Trophies for first three male and female runners in each distance, plus a trophy for the first male and female over 50 in each distance
  • Energy refreshments at the checkpoints and finish line
  • Experienced medical cover – Medics (Mobile)
  • Friendly, personal assistants, advice and support
  • Fully Signed Course
  • Chip Timing
  • Free Professional Race Photos
  • Also on offer:
  • Technical Running T-shirt (£15)
  • GPS tracking units are included in the entry fee for the Snowdonia and Lake District, Marathon and Ultra distances.

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