Spring has sprung and theirs a spring in our step

Spring is here - Trail Events Co

Good afternoon fellow explorers,

It’s been another epic week of beating the trails and now we are on to the weekend with more challenges and routes to be found.

Only a week to go until our first epic Trail run of the year kicks off with the 22km Head II Head event so don’t forget to register and join us on the day at East Soar Outdoor Experience in Kingsbridge where trail runners shall come together for a day of challenging trails along a rather scenic pocket of the globe. As you can imagine our team here are all very eager to get out there and beat the trail and we very much welcome you to come and do the same alongside us.

Here’s a little background on where our first event shall be taking place… East Soar Outdoor Experience is situated on a National Trust farm in one of the the most breathtaking parts of South Devon, on the headland, just above the picturesque town of Salcombe. The location is perfectly suited to provide you fellow running enthusiasts with an outdoor experience that will stay with you forever.

As well our first Trail running event kicking off in just a week’s time for Head II Head, we have had a few adventures ourselves this week bringing our office into the outdoors. Monty our Trail dog came too of course, enthusiasm and resilience in abundance as his injury seems to have completley vanished.

It was pretty awesome to be working from our laptops tucked away in nature, one day by the rivers and streams in the woods to another day in a cove along a deserted beach. We were really able to immerse ourselves in the world we are creating for Trail Events to share with you all.

Another exciting update- As well as writing our own blog posts we are in talks with Trail running fanatics to come on board with us and write a guest blog about all their trials and tribulations with the challenges and curiosities that each Trail run holds for them, what inspired them to keep on pushing their boundaries and make each Trail run more scenic and soul enriching each time they embark on a new trail, so be sure to keep your epic selves updated with our blog updates.

We are setting ourselves up for quite a brutal, adrenaline infused weekend keeping all those delicious easter eggs at bay whilst we go on our own treasure hunt to find trails that are every bit challenging and extreme to really push us as spring has sprung and a summer bursting with trail running events is on the horizon. As we move ever so much closer to our first Trail running event of the year we are all determined to seek out new found trails and push ourselves to new limits for the year. Always striving for more. This is why we trail run.

That’s all from us folks for the day so keep exploring the outdoors and get prepared for the Head II Head event on Saturday. Get out on those mountains tops, climb those rocks and explore those bridges you’ve been wanting to explore. There’s a whole world of trail running routes to be found out there, so let’s all go out and explore them together.

Keep on adventuring!

Everyone at The Trail Events Co.